Who is It For? Employment Service Providers: Managers, Job Coaches, Job Developers, Employment Counsellors; Disability Support Workers, Occupational Therapists, and Employers.


Assistive Technology is rapidly enhancing and modernizing the service delivery models of inclusive employment supports that organizations are providing. It is also changing the lives and the opportunities available to the individuals they are supporting. “For people with disabilities, technology makes things possible”.


This Webinar will introduce participants to the key innovations and developments in the Assistive Tech space as it relates to their roles, responsibilities, employment and support objectives. 

Based on the knowledge and experience of the Distinctability Team, you will be provided with information, and in some cases access to relevant, practical and affordable tools and resources to take away for immediate use. Cutting-edge technologies and solutions will be demonstrated, all aimed at accelerating employment outcomes, building capacity, and expanding career development tool kits for those professionals and practitioners working to enhance the development of people with disabilities and mental health support needs. 


**Please note this session was recorded live. Technical issues causing brief periods of blurriness occur during the session, therefore we have included the handouts and links to all videos presented in the session.



$49 / per person

$500 / per team

Modernizing Inclusive Employment

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