Our strengths-based, solution-focused approach will support you and your team to clarify your vision, identify your current strengths, and find and implement solutions to launch you from where you are now, to where you want to be. At this time, it is an up to 6-hour session delivered online, on the same day. This session is for TEAMS of up to 40 people and can be customized for the specific needs of the team. Coaching and consulting sessions for up to two people may be purchased HERE



  • A facilitated discussion to identify current strengths and areas for improvement
  • Training content selected based on the strengths and needs identified in the facilitated discussion
  • A plan for next steps to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your services


NOTE: If the session will be conducted over multiple days, purchase a session per day. For example, if a 6-hour session will be conducted over 2 days, select 2 sessions.


For further information and to schedule sessions, please email 

Planning for Results Team Planning Session

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