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Assessing Readiness to Work
Assessing Readiness to Work

Tue, Nov 29


Webinar Series via Zoom

Assessing Readiness to Work

This live webinar will focus on streamlining the referral to job development and increasing the confidence that a job seeker is ‘ready to work.'

Date & Time

Nov 29, 2022, 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM EST

Webinar Series via Zoom

About The Webinar

COST$49.00/person + HST, discounts for 5 or more


If you need to increase employment outcomes for job seekers with employment barriers, consider these questions:

  • Do employment counsellors know when it is time to refer job seekers to job development? 
  • Do job developers agree with employment counsellors that these job seekers are ready to go to work? 

If the answer to either of these questions is no, this webinar was built for you! A job developer’s lack of confidence that a job seeker is ‘ready to work can make them hesitant to recommend the person to an employer (and may create friction with employment counsellors). The job developer may fear that a job breakdown will reflect poorly on them and they will lose their great employer relationships. This fear becomes yet another job seeker barrier to employment.

Unfortunately, there is no job readiness crystal ball. In fact, we won’t know if someone is truly ready until they are actually doing a job. That being said, to recommend a job seeker to an employer, a job developer has to believe that what they are presenting to an employer is true. They need a level of confidence in the job seeker - that they have the skill and the will to go to work. This live webinar will focus on streamlining the referral to job development and increasing the confidence that a job seeker is ‘ready to work'. 

Participants will learn:

  • How to assess a minimum, not maximum, standard of readiness to work 
  • Questions to ask job seekers to define appropriate and realistic employment opportunities 
  • How to gather evidence that the job seeker can meet the minimum job requirements 
  • How to anticipate and mitigate job placement breakdowns and learn from them if they happen 

Assessing Readiness to Work is for managers and team members responsible for employment counselling and/or job development.


Angela has 34 years of experience in the Employment Services Sector as a manager, job developer, and organizational development consultant. Angela has her Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies from Royal Roads University. Her thesis, The Organizational and Individual Characteristics of Successful Job Developers, included survey data from 13 Employment Service Managers and 109 Job Developers.

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