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Evolution Group offers customized solution-focused consulting services to organizations that require unique perspectives, expertise, or resources to complete a specific project or to enhance their organization.  

Contact us to discuss how we can support you. 

evolution group consulting
job development overhaul
job development overhaul

This program includes leadership/implementation coaching for the manager (project manager/champion) responsible for employer engagement/job development, for up to six months. All meetings are virtual via Zoom.


The Challenge 

Community employment service organizations are measured and funded based on the achievement of employment outcomes yet many do not have the capacity to build employer relationships and influence them to hire, and retain, job seekers with employment barriers. Building this capacity is critical to achieving employment outcomes yet this is often a new concept for many organizations; they don’t know what it takes or where to start.


Although a common solution is to train front-line staff in job development techniques, many times these skills are not implemented back on the job because:

  • The organizational environment does not support job development efforts

  • Staff are not required to or motivated to implement the skills

  • Staff don’t know what to do when their job development efforts fail and they give up


The Solution 

While teaching staff job development skills is very important, it may not be enough. Managers must create the environment for staff to successfully implement these skills and stay motivated.   These managers play a critical leadership role and they require a practical, productive and effective approach, which they can learn quickly and implement immediately, to meet present and future employment outcome goals. 


The Transformation         

The benefits that managers and organizations will gain from includes:

Increased rates of successful employment outcomes (securing and retaining employment)

  • Increased levels of customer satisfaction for job seekers, employers and funders

  • Higher levels of staff skill, motivation and morale as a result of increased success

  • Ultimately, employers who know they can call the organization first when they need help filling jobs 

job developmet overhaul
planning for results team planning session
planning for results

Our strengths-based, solution-focused approach will support you and your team to clarify your vision, identify your current strengths, and find and implement solutions to launch you from where you are now, to where you want to be. At this time, it is an up to 6-hour session delivered online, on the same day. 


  • A facilitated discussion to identify current strengths and areas for improvement

  • Training content selected based on the strengths and needs identified in the facilitated discussion

  • A plan for next steps to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your services

executive coaching and consulting
executive coaching and consulting

Executive coaching and consulting will support leaders and teams to be the best they can be. Our strengths-based, solution-focused approach will support you to clarify your vision, identify your current strengths, and find and implement solutions to launch you from where you are now, to where you want to be.

let's plan for success

We are happy to work with and support leaders and teams utilizing our strengths- based, solution-focused approach.

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